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Helping families navigate the NICU journey, one miracle at a time.

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Our Grateful Acknowledgment to Our Sponsors

At Today is a Good Day, we are deeply honored to partner with a distinguished group of corporate sponsors whose generosity and support amplify our mission to assist families navigating the NICU journey. Our work is made possible through the commitment and contributions of these dedicated organizations, each playing a crucial role in our collective effort to bring hope, resources, and comfort to those in need.

A Heartfelt Thank You

We proudly feature the logos of our corporate sponsors below, as a testament to the powerful impact of our collaboration. Each logo not only represents a company but also symbolizes a partnership founded on compassion, community, and the shared goal of making every day a good day for families facing the challenges of the NICU.


Preemie Power

One Day At A Time


The Johnson Family

Take Today

The Cleary Family



The Ward Family

Darryl Moran Photography

The Solecki Family

Join Our Circle of Support

We invite other corporations who are looking to make a meaningful impact to join us as sponsors. By aligning with Today is a Good Day, you are not just supporting a cause; you are becoming part of a community dedicated to providing tangible support and hope to families during their most challenging times.

If your organization is interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact us. Together, we can continue to build a network of support that reaches families in every corner, ensuring that every day can be a good day, even under the most trying circumstances.

The Troy Family

Caitlin & Kevin Johnson

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