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Ajudar as famílias a navegar na Jornada da UTIN, um milagre de cada vez.

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Shane was delivered at 26 weeks due to preeclampsia. Prior to delivering Shane I was admitted in the hospital for approximately 1 month. My body could no longer handle being pregnant, so the decision was made to deliver him.
Shane was born 1lb 13oz, he was breathing on his own for the first couple of days. He was then given a breathing tube to help him breathe and help preserve the little energy he had. He also had a feeding tube because he didn’t know how to eat by mouth. Shane developed a blood infection that required 30 days of antibiotics.
Shane bounced back and continued to strive. Not long after that Shane suffered a brain bleed. Again, Shane bounced back and his brain bleed stabilized. Shane was growing beautifully and getting bigger and healthier. After 80 days in the NICU Shane was at a standstill with learning to eat by mouth. The doctors came to the conclusion that Shane may have fluid in lungs, he was given a 3-day medication which solved the issue. Shane began sucking down his bottles with no problem.
After 99 days in the NICU Shane’s family was able to bring him home to be with his 2 older siblings and mom and dad. It was a long journey, but we are happy to say Shane is nice and healthy!

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