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Ajudar as famílias a navegar na Jornada da UTIN, um milagre de cada vez.

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After 1,035 days of trying, one miscarriage, lots of prayers, and some help from doctors, my little boy was due to arrive February 26, 2016. However, at 25 weeks 5 days my water broke in the middle of the night/early morning. I arrived at Abington Hospital to be told that I would not leave the hospital pregnant. After some tests, I was admitted to the mommy ward where I was hoping to spend the next eight weeks keep my son in utero. The goal was to get to 34 weeks without any signs of distress or infection for baby and me.

Everything changed within the next 24 hours as I began to have contractions and the doctors decided it was time. Nathan made his arrival via emergency c-section on November 20, 2015, at 26 weeks. Nathan was born weighing 1lb 13oz and 13.5 inches long.

Nathan spent 104 days in the NICU learning how to maintain his body temperature, take a bottle, and how to breathe on his own (our greatest challenge). On my due date, Nathan finally decided he no longer needed a breathing machine and at 7lbs 9oz he was finally ready to come home.
Nathan is now three-years old. He is happy, healthy, and full of energy. Nathan loves to read books, play with cars, and has an amazing memory. Nathan is living proof that miracles do happen. His name means, “Gift from God” and we are thankful everyday for the precious gift we’ve been given!

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