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Ajudar as famílias a navegar na Jornada da UTIN, um milagre de cada vez.

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After having our daughter at 26 weeks in 2014, we waited two years before trying to get pregnant again. We knew the chance of having another preemie was relatively high, but we wanted to give our daughter a sibling. We hoped that Makena injections and frequent monitoring would help us to carry our next baby to term. After a miscarriage early on, we struggled to conceive, and eventually enlisted the help of a reproductive endocrinologist.

A procedure to remove scar tissue renewed our hope, and in October of 2017, we found out that we were pregnant again. Every milestone along the way brought both relief and anxiety as we neared the 26-week mark. With the help of weekly progesterone injections, 33 weeks and 4 days passed before my water spontaneously broke during the night. We rushed to the hospital knowing that our son could be born any time and he would likely need NICU support.

Less than 7 hours from the time my water broke, Miles Leo Fridirici made his appearance. Our experience seeing our 33-weeker was so different from seeing our 26-weeker. At 4lbs 15oz, Miles looked like a “real” baby; quite small but soft and perfect nonetheless. Miles spent 23 days in the NICU learning to breathe, feed, and maintain his temperature. Splitting our time between the hospital (an hour away) and our daughter at home was physically and mentally exhausting. Small setbacks like requiring CPAP or bradycardia episodes were especially disheartening knowing they would prolong the time our family was apart.

Miles received incredible care from the doctors and nurses in the Abington SCN, and after 3-weeks in the NICU, he was able to finally meet his sister and come home. Though he is meeting some of his milestones a bit later than expected, he is a happy, healthy baby with a contagious smile! We are so proud of our second preemie miracle, and we know he will do great things!

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