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June 24th, 2022 started off as any other day. I had an OB appointment to check on the baby boy. I was 30 weeks 6 days along. Me & my husband both took off work to go to the appointment together, and after we were going to go to lunch. We get to our OB's office, and like every appointment I provide a urine sample, then get my blood pressure taken. My blood pressure read 176/116, the assistant told us that's a little high, but we will redo it before you leave. We went through with our appointment, we then tested both of my arms. The systolic number read 212 on one arm and 222 on the other, I also had +4 protein in my urine. They told us we need to go straight to the hospital. I remember telling my husband in the elevator "we are only 30 weeks and we cannot have a baby right now". Fast forward we get to the hospital, and we are admitted, I am almost immediately put on magnesium sulfate as a seizure precaution due to my blood pressure being so high. At this time my kidneys and liver were showing signs of failing and on top of everything else I found out I'm covid positive. The initial plan was to stay in the hospital until I reached 34 weeks and then we will deliver. On Saturday we were told they couldn't stabilize my blood pressure. We would have to deliver on Sunday. We were given the option of either a c-section or vaginal birth, with the risks of having a vaginal birth outweighing a c-section , including my BP skyrocketing which could lead to a seizure or a stroke, including the baby not be able to tolerate the labor; all of these resulting in an emergency c-section. As we both felt it was the safest option for the both of us. I remember being scared out of my mind as I had never had any kind of surgery. All day Sunday we had doctor's an nurses from all different departments coming in and out. We had OB'S, neonatologist, anesthesiology because my IV'S kept getting infiltrated and it took almost 2 hours to get one in after trying both arms. Neonatology came in to discuss the risks that can happen when having a baby at 31 weeks. That night around 5:30 pm I started to get prepped for my c-section. I remember telling them as they were prepping me in the OR "don't forget to go back for my husband". They told us as long as the baby is breathing when he comes out they can pull the drape down for us to see him. At 6:20 pm our little 2 lb 15 oz baby boy was here. My husband got to cut the cord, and they finished up my c-section. Baby boy was then taken down to the ICN. I wasn't able to see him for 4 days after he was born due to being covid positive, at this point I was alone in the hospital since my husband had to go take a covid test to be able to see the baby in the ICN. I was in the hospital for a total of 8 days because they couldn't get my BP under control, and the only way they could was with IV medication, finally they were able to find an oral pill combination that worked and they felt it was safe to let me go home.

From the moment he got into the ICN, we were told everything that Michael can be at risk of due to being a preemie, this included ROP, brain bleeds, breathing/ feeding issues, and potential developmental delays. Baby Michael spent 41 days in the ICN. He was incubated for less than a day, on cpap for about a week, high flow oxygen for 2 weeks, and room air starting July 13th. It took Mikey a few weeks to get the hang of the bottle since the sucking reflex isn't established until about 36 weeks, but once he got the hang of it and drank 80% of his feeds from the bottle his feeding tube would be able to come out. On August 4th, 2022 we finally were able to take our 4lb NICU miracle home. Fast forward to today Mikey is thriving. You would never know Mikey was a 31 week preemie unless you knew our story.

We will forever be grateful to our ICN doctors and nurses who took care of Mikey during his time in the ICN.

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