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Keely and Kambry


Keeley and Kambry are identical (Mono/Di) twins who were diagnosed with Twin To Twin Transfusion Syndrome in utero at 16 weeks gestation. Jade, their Mother, underwent surgery at 18 weeks gestation at the Cincinnati Fetal Center to correct the TTTS. The surgery was successful. This prolonged the pregnancy by 4 weeks and the girls were born 125 days premature at 22 weeks and 1 day. The twins were born November 24, 2018. The girls had what the NICU calls a "text book" recovery. Kambry (Donor twin) spent 138 days in the NICU, Keeley (Recipient twin) spent 144 days in the NICU. Keeley lives with Intermittent extropia, Strabismic amblyopia; right eye, Hyperopia of both eyes and Anisometropia which are complications due to Bilateral ROP. Kambry lives with Hypotonic Cerebral Palsy, Autism, an oral aversion, and a Receptive Expressive Language Disorder. Keeley & Kambry are paving the way for Micro Preemie’s and proving to the World that Viability has in fact changed.

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