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Ajudar as famílias a navegar na Jornada da UTIN, um milagre de cada vez.

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Sweet Baby James was born at 29 weeks and 2 days after Mom suffered complications from placenta previa. He surprised everyone by topping the charts at 3lbs, 8.6 oz and 17 inches long. Fortunately his stay in the Special Care Nursery at Abington Hospital was uneventful and he was able to come home to a very excited big brother (and Mom and Dad) after 7 weeks.

Today James is 3 years old and still topping charts and winning hearts. He loves singing and dancing, all the vehicles, washing his hands, his family and his dog. He hates sleeping and being told “no.” Nobody can resist his big blue eyes, curly blonde hair and contagious laugh.

We are so thankful to all of the staff at Abington Hospital who made sure that Mom and baby both came home healthy, and to TODAY is a Good Day for the care package that brought us comfort and the listening sessions that helped us make friends that we are still close with today!

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