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Izzy Odne


The tech came in with the best poker face, repeating ultrasound having me emptying my bladder over and over again, asking general questions which I realize weren’t “general” at all, just to hear that I was “ very “ dilated. His exact words were “ I’m not saying yyou’rehaving the baby today, but we are sending you straight to labour and delivery they will be expecting you”. Luckily it was across the street from where I was, and I wasn’t alone. I was outright scared, I tried to keep it together as I was told I’m going to the right place (the hospital ) and I was in the best hands, and not to stress because the baby will feel it and can get stress out too. I couldn’t help but cry, I started to remind myself in that moment that God is in control and he didn’t give me a spirit of fear, but of power love and a sound mind.

Got to labour and delivery and I was examined just to find out I was 3 centimeters dilated and 75% efface, there wasnt any sign of active labour and as for me I felt fine, no contractions nor any sign of labour. So of course my odds were thrown at me, million paper works full of “if this and that” were to happen if you have the baby early (which was inevitable at this point). They immediately started me on Antenatal betamethasone (to help develop the baby’s lung) two doses in 24 hours. Still no active sign of labour after two days in the hospital, so I was sent home. ( to which now I believe I wasn’t given a fear chance and they should have kept me and monitor me trying to keep me pregnant as long as possible, but God is intentional)

Two days later I was back in labour and delivery having contractions so severe like nothing I’ve ever felt before… contractions that they couldn’t see on the baby’s monitor as the baby was so small, it wasnt picking up. It was evident that I’m having this baby, in that very moment I prayed and I reminded God of HIS promises and I left it in His Hands. So we prepared for labour, including having a visit from the nicu team to give me an idea of what to expect for having what would now be a micro preemie. With all the questions I asked and all the answers I got, NOTHING WILL PREPARE YOU FOR THE NICU.

On Sunday October 3,2021 gestational age 26 weeks and 3 days ( 6months) at 7:18 am, 12 hours of active labour I gave birth to my 2lbs 2.9 oz WARRIOR. She came out crying which was clear to me that her lungs were strong and working. Look at God! Let me tell you this nothing will break you more than watching you baby in an isolette fighting for their life. You will NEVER be the same. The day I got discharged without her was one for the books, I wept.

The Nicu can be a scary place,the beeping, the nurses rushing to and from different bed space, the crying, picture yourself in the front seat on top of the highest, fastest wooden rollercoaster known to man and multiple that to the 10th power and it still will never be able to match up with this ride your on.People will tell you, you’re strong and you will silently wish you didn’t have to be.

You will have days that feel so heavy that you feet will feel like it’s made of lead. There were a lot of times when nurses or neonatologists will give you “report” on how the baby is doing and what to expect but I can tell u this I almost always receive it in my head but not my heart, the Water kept rising and I would often feel like I’m taking it in.

But God!! Picc line, tpn line , ng tube, scalp iv, intubation, umbilical arterial line, several blood transfusion, bareum enema, upper gi, rectal biopsy several Nec scares, transfer from one hospital to the next. I stood on God’s promises and after 103 longs days in the Nicu we finally got to come home, happy and healthy.Fully known and love by God! It’s hard truth and ridiculous grace to be love and known by Him.”

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