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Helping families navigate the NICU Journey, one miracle at a time.

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Hudson Jack Ruibal was born on July 31st, 2017, exactly 3 months early weighing in at 2 pounds 8 ounces. Mom was admitted to the hospital on the Thursday 27th and that’s when we were informed that she would not leaving the hospital until the baby was born. She made it 4 days in the mom unit at Abington memorial hospital. Hudson has different plans and decided to enter this world at 6:02am Monday.

Mom and Dad had no idea about the roller coaster ride that is the NICU that they were about to experience. That’s when it hit us like a ton of bricks. We had our ups and downs during his 70 day stay including a few blood transfusions and heavy testing including a spinal tap. Seeing our son hooked up to all the machines helping him breathe and survive was humbling at most, and gave us some insight as to how much of a miracle he truly was. Getting off his bubble cpap was a huge milestone at day 33, only having to go back on once for a few days. We were blessed to get to take him home on day 70, 23 days earlier than his due date.

Now Hudson Jack has just turned 2, and is doing amazing. He graduated physical therapy at 1 ½ and now is just in speech and is continuing to do great. He also has a new title being the best big brother to our new addition Oliver Francis. Watching Hudson come from an isolette to what he has become is truly astonishing. And we look forward to continuing to meet new friends through this great organization that is Today is a Good Day!

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