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Ayudar a las familias a recorrer el viaje de la UCIN, un milagro a la vez.

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My first born, Trent Robert Shulman, was delivered via an emergency C section due to an infection on March 10, 2014 at 9:03a at 23wks 6 days weighing 1lb 10oz. My labor was stopped once at 23 weeks 3 days which thankfully allowed for me to be steroid complete, and for my husband, Todd, to urgently fly home from a business trip in India to witness the birth of our son. He was born within 12 hours of stopping magnesium.

We were told that even with the steroids, Trent had less than a 10% chance of surviving the next 72 hours. On Day 3, we were devastated to find out that Trent had severe bilateral Grade 4 brain bleeds. This lessened his odds of survival even more. He also had BPD, broken ribs, failing kidneys, jaundice & PDA that caused continuous complications until it eventually closed with 2 rounds of meds.

We lived minute to minute not knowing if he would survive. At first, even his Doctor’s and nurses didn't think he'd make it due to his grim outlook being a 23 weeker with the worst brain bleeds they had seen in the NICU. He spent 5 weeks intubated & 4 weeks on CPAP then NIPPV to nasal cannula. He developed hydrocephalus a week before his due date & had ETV/CPC neurosurgery on his due date, July 1, 2014. He also had ROP surgery 2 days after neurosurgery for stage 1 ROP that quickly developed into stage 3 with plus disease (He’s had a total of 3 eye surgeries)

He came home exactly 4 days post his due date after 126 days in the NICU at 3 different hospitals. He came home on O2 (for growing purposes) for 6 weeks (4 of those weeks were exclusively nocturnal) at 1/8 liter. 

My husband & I were asked on numerous occasions to stop intervention, but Trent never quit, so we never quit. He’s a true fighter, and he’s still defying all the odds! He receives PT, OT & Speech/Communication services weekly along with specialized services. He began wearing glasses in June 2015 and he loves them. He’s proficiently using his Gait Trainer for walking.

He enjoys being mobile and independent. He also started pre-school on his 3rd Birthday in March 2017 and he LOVES it! He’s the happiest kid I know!! Miracles do happen!

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