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On November 14th, 2018 my husband and I went for what we thought would be a normal OB appointment. We had just gotten married over the past weekend and were planning to meet friends for dinner that night. The medical assistant took my blood pressure and I immediately saw the look of concern. She asked if I was nervous when I replied no, she said she would come back to check again. The doctor came in and my blood pressure continued to rise. I was already on blood pressure medication prior to pregnancy, but throughout my 1st and 2nd trimesters, my blood pressure had been better than ever. They told me my next step was to go to triage. This is where I was informed that I would be in the hospitals MOM Unit with severe preeclampsia and I would be induced at 34 weeks.The weeks were long and restless. All I thought about was our baby boy, Jameson, and what would come at 34 weeks. I was given steroids shots the first night I was there and the week of my planned induction to help develop Jameson’s lungs. I made it to 33 weeks and 6 days, the day before I was to be induced, when my blood pressure started going up again. I began to get prepped for induction and was placed back on the dreaded magnesium drip to help with my blood pressure.

The morning of Monday December 10th was uneventful, my labor was not progressing, but my blood pressure again began to rise. Family stopped in and my husband, Josh, was there by my side the whole time, but I was delirious from the Magnesium. I remember him playing his guitar and being able to fall asleep. Suddenly around 2 PM, things began changing. After receiving an epidural, my blood pressure dropped and they could not find Jameson’s heartbeat. I looked at my husband and we all agreed on a c-section.

I was rushed back to receive an emergency C-Section where I was put under, last thing hearing was doctors trying to find Jameson’s heartbeat. When I woke up, I was assured Jameson was safe in the NICU. He was born at 4 pounds 5 ounces 18 inches long. Due to the Magnesium I still needed to remain in bed for 24 hours after delivery. I was able to be wheeled on my stretcher to see Jameson through his incubator for a few minutes but I could not hold or touch him at this point. I watched my husband through the NICU cameras touch and kiss our son.

We were extremely lucky. Jameson was under the lights for 3 days, on oxygen for about 4 until he was able to breath room air, and had a feeding tube. As babies usually do, Jameson lost some weight and dropped under 4 pounds. The time in the NICU was difficult. After being in the hospital for so long myself, and my husband being there with me every day after work, the last place we wanted to be still was the hospital.

Jameson struggled with eating on his own. Watching this was frustrating for us. He would take some bottle one feed, but then refuse the next. We would watch the nurse pour the bottle down his tube, which meant more days in the NICU. My husband and I could get him to eat a whole bottle one feeding, then the next he would not want any of it. You begin to question yourself, what am I doing wrong? The doctors and nurses reminded us daily that Jameson should still be in my belly, and eating was not a skill he had developed yet. Through this, Jameson was such a happy baby. He rarely cried, smiled at us, and was an excellent patient for the nurses. Christmas was fast approaching and there was nothing more we wanted then to have him home. Unfortunately, the feeding issues continued up until the week before New Year’s Eve.

Jameson was moved into a room with 3 other little boys. Jameson began drinking more and more from his bottle. One night my husband and I decided to get dinner across the street from the hospital, we checked in on him on our camera app. Jameson had pulled out his own feeding tube! He had enough! The next few days he proved to us he was ready by finishing every bottle he was given!

The weekend before New Year’s we received the call from the doctor, it was time for the car seat test. If all was well, we would get to bring home Jameson on New Year’s Eve. Jameson passed and continued to eat his bottle and gain weight. Jameson was in the hospital for a total of 21 days.
Jameson is now a chubby, extremely happy, blue eyed 3 months old. He loves to eat and has consistently kept his weight up since coming home. He loves talking and splashing in the bath. Jameson has reflux issues but it is controlled with medication. Although the situation was extremely difficult, it brought us closer together. It will be a honeymoon we never forget.

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