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Our NICU miracle, Brady, was born on May 25, 2018 at just 25 weeks old. He weighed just 1 lb. 4oz and was approximately 10 1/2 inches long. His mom, Jenn, gave birth early as a result of preeclampsia and complications due to her kidney disease. Leading up to his birth, the doctors had to keep Jenn in the hospital for several different stays due to her high blood pressure and Brady's slow growth. The doctors were not sure if he would continue to grow at the rate needed and had considered possible termination of the birth. 

However, just like his Mom, our son was a fighter. He spent 135 days in the NICU at Connecticut Children's Medical Center and was diagnosed with Chronic Lung Disease along with several other respiratory issues. Brady was on the oscillator, ventilator, nitrous blends for the first few months of his life. At one point, Brady was placed on full oxygen support and was bagged to help keep him alive. Brady fought over the next few months to defy the odds and eventually come home while still on oxygen.

Brady's journey home and proving the doctor's wrong each day has been an inspiration to many including his own parents. He is currently an ambassador for Connecticut Children's Hospital and the inspiration for a preemie children's book called "Our Preemie Adventure" due out in 2021. We are proud of not only the steps he has achieved but the journey that is yet to come for this preemie warrior.

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