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Ava and Reese


On December 20, 2010, Hilary went into pre-term labor 14 weeks early. Less than two hours after arriving at the the hospital she gave birth to twin daughters weighing less than two pounds. Due to severely underdeveloped lungs, both girls required significant respiratory support.

After three months on a ventilator and minimal lung development, Ava had a tracheotomy to provide her lungs more time to develop without delaying her oral feeding any longer. After six months in two NICUs, Ava came home on a ventilator requiring in-home nursing for the next 12 months. After four months in the NICU, Reese came home on oxygen with an apnea monitor to notify us when she stopped breathing requiring stimulation.

Today, Reese has no developmental delays and speech therapy is the only development intervention Ava receives. She is projected to keep speaking at level before entering first grade.

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