Our little miracle baby was born at 23 weeks and 3 days. He came into the world weigh a mere one pound and 6 ounces, he was only 12 inches long.

I went into premature labor at exactly 23 weeks, this was my third preterm labor. I have three other children Johnny (8) he was my only full termer, Richie ( 3) he came into the world at 34 weeks and spent 9 days in the NICU, Maggie (2) a 31 weaker spent 30 days in the NICU.

This was a totally different ball game and we knew it. When i went into labor, I could only hear all of the negative things the doctors were saying that could happen. We were asked at least a dozen times if we would want to save Patrick and try to resuscitate him when he was born, or let him go peacefully. our answer was always the same. Please do what you can to keep him alive. This was in God's hands in our eyes. We were told he only had a 30 percent chance of surviving and only a 6 percent chance of surviving without any major medical issues. We had faith, thats what kept us fighting for him.

Patrick ended up spending 115 days in the NICH at Abington hospital. He came home 1 day prior to his due date on January 6th 2017 He had two major bacterial infections that almost took his life. We had to NEC scares, but he managed to get by without getting that horrible infection. He had whopping PDA that eventually closed with the help of medications. He had stage 2 ROP in both eyes, he came home on O2 for four months. We had a bumpy NICU stay but, we consider ourselves lucky to have gotten through it. We know other babies that were born at this gestations were not so lucky. We are so blessed with our little miracle. He is now 14 months adjusted he is walking, bailing, eating solids, he no longer sees pulmonology or cardiology.

Family, friends, nurses, and doctors reminded us to take the NICU journey "one day at a time". We rejoiced in the "good" days.

Martha & Paul / Wyndmoor, PA

Martha & Paul