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Letters to William

Martha & Paul Sharkey, Founders, Today is a Good Day

In November 2010, we launched into the overwhelming world of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) when our daughters were born at just 23 weeks and 5 days. We faced daily challenges including the loss of our daughter, Mary Gladys, two weeks into our NICU journey. Our daughter, Claire, weighing only 15oz. faced an uncertain future. Suffering from grades 3 and 4 brain bleeds, anemia, and meningitis we were not sure she would survive. If Claire lived, we were not sure if she would be able to walk or talk later in life.  

Munchkins with Mary

Submitted by Paul Sharkey, Founder, TODAY is a Good Day
I don’t talk about it a lot. The death of my daughter Mary on November 28, 2010.  Why don’t I?

  1. It is awkward. When asked how many kids do you have; it is much easier to say “two”. It is harder to explain “three and one is in heaven”. Most people are looking to hear “two” and move on with their day. Once you say “three and one in heaven”, it leads to more questions and the inevitable “I am so sorry for your loss”. 
  2. It is emotional. As a man, I don’t usually talk about my emotions often. Sometimes I will with my wife but even that is rare.