Today Is A Good Day!

You don’t have to say “I’m sorry” when you ask me how many kids I have

written by Martha Sharkey, Founder TODAY Is A Good Day

Every single morning, she is there. She’s with me when I wake up. Thoughts of her come to me at different times throughout the day.

She was with us for 2 weeks…our “stronger” twin, twin B who weighed 1lb. 4oz. compared to her sister who weighed only 1lb. 2oz. when they were born at just 23 weeks & 5 days. She opened her eyes first. She had the better start in life…and then she passed away in our arms at 2:15pm on Sunday, November 28, 2010, the weekend after Thanksgiving. We knew her time with us was limited. She had been very sick for the past few days.

As a parent who has lost a child, the hole in my heart never seems to heal. I can feel the small hole that was left the day our Mary Gladys passed away. We believe she earned her angel wings that day. And, while we believe she is watching over us, days still present difficult moments even seven years into this journey.

Through our lives we meet others who have traveled not only the NICU journey but also the journey of losing a child. The difficult moments, the “what ifs,” and the thoughts will always be there. The hole is always present.